Thursday, July 23, 2015

At the Zoo

On Tuesday I entertained my visitors by taking my niece and my brother to the Woodland Park Zoo, where all of my photos came out overexposed.  I had just changed the memory card (to an old one) because the one I had been using developed glitches.  I hope that's the problem and not my camera.

Anyway, here a just a few pics that aren't too awful.

Blue-bellied Roller from the African exhibit:

Kitty cat:

Matt the Grizzly (or possibly Steve the Grizzly -- there are two, and they're twins):

How many monkeys are in this picture?

I take a photo of Crystal taking a photo:

Feed me!

We walked a LOT and saw every exhibit area there except the petting farm, insect house, and duck pond.

Later that same day, I took my brother and mother to "my" art gallery, where Mom bought one of my framed original paintings, and another painting had just sold to a tourist from Texas, so I got a nice little check from the gallery owner.

On Wednesday I got to drive my company to Ronald, WA, where we had met up so that Mom didn't have to drive all the way to Seattle.  I saw them off back to their home in Richland, while Truman and I got to spent the rest of the day and night at Michelle and Steve's lovely vacation home.

In Ronald we did some birding in the woods, and then had a long walk around nearby Roslyn, which is full of historic buildings that make for excellent sketching opportunities.  I contemplated going to Lavender Lake, which Michelle recommended for swimming, but it never got above 72 and was very windy, so the urge to swim never really developed.

At 2:00am today, Tru decided he needed to go outside to do his business, which initially annoyed me until I stepped onto the back yard deck and looked up at the stars.  Oh my.  In Seattle, on a clear night, I can see maybe six stars from my back porch.  In Ronald, I could see practically the entire Milky Way.  It was so stunning that I almost didn't want to go back inside.

I'll try to post a few pics from Ronald and Roslyn tomorrow.

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  1. Ed and I drove north out of Pasco once to see the aurora borealis. It's amazing what you can see when there's no darned city lights around. It was totally awesome. Glad you got to see the night sky. As for the number of monkeys, do we get to count Robin and Crystal too LOL?