Monday, July 6, 2015

More small art

Having reduced one of my Kubota Gardens pen and watercolor sketches down from 8x10 or so to 3x5, and having decided that was fun, this weekend I did the other two Kubota sketches as well. Making things smaller was quite easy with pen and watercolor, much more so than painting with acrylics.  The only real problem was trying to work under the heat of my art table lamp during our streak of 90 degree days.  Not pleasant!

Here's the second of the three Kubota views -- in large size and reduced version, along with bits of my messy art table.

And here is the small version in a cheap frame.

And here is the third and final Kubota Gardens view reduction:

I didn't have a frame for it, cheap or otherwise, but I had a nice mat.  This one is also 3 x 5 inches:

And here are all three views together.  I like the not-so-cheap frame on the left, which is made from bamboo.  If I get these accepted into a juried show, I'll get that same frame for the other two to match:

Tomorrow I shall post about birds -- I did manage to get out twice this past weekend, at six a.m. when it was cool enough to walk around.  By 8am, I was done!  


  1. Cute! I bet they will sell like hotcakes. Try to stay cool. How's the new door working out?

    1. If I ever get a new door, I'll let you know! Apparently it takes FOREVER to get any home improvement done -- just ask The Mother about her bathroom. Geez. So far all the property restoration company has done is send a guy out to measure the door and take photos of it. Well, and they did cover the window with really thick plywood. Which does actually keep the house a bit cooler due to no light getting in there.

      So I wait and wait to hear back from these folks as to when my new door will happen, though I imagine it will take a while, as it is a custom size. I went to Lowe's to get a security door (to replace the screen/storm door, not the interior one these other doofuses are handling), and because of the weird size, they said it would take up to ONE MONTH. Gah.

      I could probably sell my house and move somewhere new before the doors get done!

    2. That's horrible! You would think people would be jumping at the chance to make money on home improvement. I can't believe The Mother is being so patient too. Nuts. I think I will have Scott and Kayla do all my stuff. LOL. Might look weird but it will get done. Good luck!

  2. Love your art as I always do but I am missing Truman...