Monday, May 25, 2015

The Cascade Effect on Artists

You may recall that I recently painted a beach scene on my tool shed:

It looks great -- but I couldn't help noticing that the fence next to it now looked dingy and more unattractive than ever before.  Whatever could I do about that?

Well, I had some of the blue paint left, so I slapped some up on the first fence panel to the left of the shed.  And of course, that made the panels next to it look bad.

There's a reason I've mainly avoided doing any fixing up to my house over the years.  I would think about getting say, a new floor in the kitchen -- and realize it would make the cupboards look worse in comparison.  And so I'd imagine new cupboards...which would make the countertops and sink look awful...and so on and so forth until my vivid imagination had produced an entire new home.

This is the Cascade Effect -- also known as One Darn Thing Leads To Another.  Well, I am finally caving to the need for a new kitchen floor, so the mental barrier to home improvement has been breached.  Possibly this new attitude (also known as what the hey, just go for it) spilled over into the back yard and the dingy fence, because the next thing you know, I was slapping paint up on one fence panel after another, not knowing where it might end.

I didn't have enough of the blues from the shed, so I grabbed a bunch of random acrylic blues from my art supplies and had at it.  After running through those, I found some greens and browns.  At first everything was random splashes of colors, until Michelle stopped by and said, "Oh, it looks like misty mountains with forested hills below."  Which led me to stop painting randomly and create this instead:

Goodness, that was a lot of little bottles of paint.  Here's what the view now looks like from my kitchen window, which makes washing the dishes ever so much more enjoyable:

Now I'm thinking perhaps it needs a cabin on a lake, or an eagle or two flying by...what do you think it needs?

Also, I am SO NOT THINKING about the rest of the fence around the back yard...not at ALL.


  1. It's official - you are a crazy lady LOL. I think it looks great. Now, as for those kitchen cupboards . . .

    1. Yes, it's clearly dangerous for me to have unused paint lying around the house. And yes, the bare kitchen cupboards do look a little shabby and in need of some brightening, wonder what I could do about that.

      I blame my upbringing -- after all, I was *allowed* to paint pictures on my bedroom walls!

  2. I say if you can, do. Go for it Alex.