Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Crow, A Dog, and a Toolshed (not altogether)

I have nothing to post about today, but I do have three random photos from the past week that don't go with any other photos, so guess what?  I'm dumping them here!

Here is a crow that caught a small fish that I spotted at the Fill last Sunday:

And here is a totally random photo of Truman at Shoreview Park from last Saturday:

We have had gloriously warm sunny weather all week here.  At lunch time, as usual, I've gone outside to sketch.  Across the street from my building is a lovely spot -- the Medicinal Herb Garden, where I intended to draw a few plants in bloom.  But when I got there, my attention was instantly caught by a pair of brightly colored watering cans and wheelbarrow near a tool shed.  Prior to becoming an Urban Sketcher, I probably would have ignored them in favor of plants, as I was always very focused on nature -- drawing only birds, plants, and landscapes.  The Urban Sketching outings have been wonderful in opening my eyes to other possibilities.

So I drew the toolshed -- of course, there are also plants, because hey, it's a garden.  I kept the focus, though, on the shed and the wheelbarrow and watering cans.  I got a bit worried because a worker kept coming in and out of the shed -- what if he moved them?  I drew faster, and it got a bit messy in one spot as a result.  And he never did move anything.  All in all, I do like the result:


  1. I like the toolshed and watering cans composition. And, seriously, what must a person do to get one of your urban sketches? I think my friend Tish would like one of them and her birthday is coming up.

    I also adore more each day the rail and chick. I'm so glad that I opted for extravagance over caution and just bought the damned thing. The frame job is also exquisite. -m

    1. Why, thank you kindly. I'm pleased that the Virginia Rails have found a good home. And Allison is amazing -- I've made excellent use of her framing skills for many many years.

      I'd be happy to hop on the water taxi and bring my sketchbooks for you to peruse. My prices are *ever* so reasonable, since they don't include mats or frames. Though I imagine many of them would fit standard ready-made frames. Do you have a free Saturday or Sunday between now and Tish's birthday?