Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another garden update

Things are happening in the garden!  While I was in the Tri-Cities last week, I was terribly envious of the many, many roses in full bloom, as mine had just a few buds struggling to open.  So I was delighted when I returned home to find the David Austin rose in the front yard with a few blooms:

Even more exciting, one of the new roses I planted this April has a bloom!  This one is called "Buff Beauty" and you can see why:

Other plants in bloom now include this Weigela:

And this fabulous Monarda:

There's a Mystery Plant with small red and yellow blooms:

And one of my favorites, the large Oriental Poppy:

There's an area off my back porch where I've been trying to establish ground covers for many years, always failing, because the Hounds enjoy digging in that area, but this year I finally succeeded in getting Creeping Jenny and some woolly thyme to survive.   I really like the way some volunteer Johnny-jump-ups appeared in the midst of the Creeping Jenny -- the colors set off against each other beautifully:

After only a mere eighteen years of work, my garden is finally coming together!


  1. Lovely, as always! Is this your mystery volunteer flower?

    1. It's not a volunteer -- the annoying thing is that I actually bought it and planted it but in my usual hasty fashion to get things into the ground quickly, neglected to save the tag. It was part of my haul from the Arboretum's Florabundance sale. Definitely a perennial. The plant you cite certainly looks like it, though I don't recall buying something with that name.

      How does your own fabulous garden grow?

    2. Oh, you know cockleshells, silver bells . . . the usual.

      In truth, it's entering its shaggy messy stage, though the roses are looking nice and the mystery bush, that I briefly knew the name of after seeing one at the arboretum years ago, is in glorious full flower. -em.

    3. PS. Abelia x grandiflora, I think (

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I envy you all those colors. I have one rose bush in the front that I never take care of but it insists on blooming anyway - LOL. Keep up the great work!