Saturday, January 17, 2015

Done with Walls

Yesterday I decided it was time to finish the bedroom mural project, as I felt ready to move on to new things.  So first I added some dirt, rocks, and grass to the foreground.

Next, I looked up Pacific Northwest wildflowers on the web, and tossed some in.  These took some time to do, since the colors refused to go over the blue of the pond or the brown/green of the foreground without being transparent -- which meant I had to first paint every flower and its stem and leaves in opaque white first, wait for that to dry, and then go over it with the colors.  Every flower was therefore painted twice.  What fun!

Here is a close-up:

The left hand side needed at least one bird, and I opted for a simple Killdeer in flight.

At this point, I called it good.  For one thing, I wanted my studio space back!  Here is the whole wall:

Perhaps I need blinds now instead of the curtains.  Also, there should probably be some far off hills or maybe Mount Rainier in the background instead of empty space...though I've decided that, despite the northwest wildflowers, this is really a secret pond in the heart of Kansas and beyond the cattails there is nothing but flat wheatfields all the way to the horizon.  Either that, or just beyond the cattails, it is very, very foggy.

I did put the book shelf back -- I knew all along it would cover up the right hand wall and most of the tree trunk, but luckily, it did not cover up the woodpecker.  Whew!  I really have nowhere else to put it.  Here is my art studio returned to its normal, cluttered state:

Wonder what I should work on next?


  1. So you rounded up the invasive great blue herons and took them back to the Fill? Too bad! The mural is truly gobsmacking; lovely work. Maybe your next challenge is learning to work on fabric so you can paint a curtain to fit into the scene?

    1. Surely wooden blinds would be easier to paint? And yes, the herons kept trying to eat my tuna melts, so they had to go. I tried adding a cat but was unsuccessful in luring my neighbor's kitty inside.

      Wouldn't you like to have a mural in your home? Perhaps a Beverley Nichols garden with cats and not too many roses? My rates are cheap -- a mere $50 an hour, and I paint really fast!

    2. Wooden blinds would work wonderfully. They are my favorite window treatment. The flowers look really good. I think you should shoehorn Truman into the picture somehow. What kind of paint are you using?

    3. I could probably paint Truman weaving in and out of the flowers. Maybe someday! These are acrylics -- I had a whole lot of cheap craft acrylics left over from other projects that I wanted to use up. I had a gazillion colors, which helped a lot, as I had to do very little color mixing -- the lazy way to do murals!

  2. Great job. I agree that you should add Truman and get some wooden blinds and paint them too. I could use a baseball stadium mural at my house LOL. I just gotta figure out where I want it and save my money I guess.