Monday, August 7, 2017

Keeping Cool

I haven't been out and about because it's been 90+ outside for a week.  Also, my camera broke (apparently it's not a good idea to drop them a lot).  I don't have a smartphone but I did take a few photos on my tiny cell phone:

Truman is wrapped in a pillowcase that's been soaked in cold water in order to beat the heat.

That wasn't helping me stay cool, though, so I bought a window fan, which did a great job.

Except when Truman hogged the best spot right in front of it.

We did get out Saturday morning to Richmond Beach park, which was quite comfortable.  Nicole, Tina and I got in some sketching there.

Truman went to see what Tina was doing.

Truman wanted to know when we could go home.

Truman wanted to know what Nicole was up to.

I ordered a new camera which should arrive tomorrow.  I hope to resume regular posts soon!


  1. OK so inquiring minds want to know WHY you keep dropping your camera. Don't you have a handy dandy lanyard for it? You really should invest.

    1. Of course it had a shoulder strap, but I am a klutz and dropped it while transferring it from me to the car, and one time I set it on a restaurant bench and knocked it off when getting ready to leave. It's hopeless, but I'm going to try to take better care of the new one.