Thursday, July 13, 2017

Visiting Seattle

You may think, Visiting Seattle? Doesn't she live in Seattle?  Well, technically, yes.  Practically, though, I feel much more a part of Shoreline, the city that abuts Seattle and is twelve blocks north of my home.  Tina and Nicole both live in Shoreline and I tend to spend more time there or in the north end of Seattle than anywhere else.

When it comes to the heart of Seattle, its downtown core, I do feel like a visitor--I go down there maybe once a year.   On Monday I had an appointment on Capitol Hill, and as it's not much farther from there to downtown, I decided to bus it and visit downtown afterwards.

I was fifteen minutes early for my appointment, so I paused at this P-Patch along the way:

The appointment took all of ten minutes (annual hearing aid cleaning and testing), and I was soon downtown, where I went to the waterfront to admire the Great Wheel:

Then I popped into the Aquarium, which I have a free pass for (City of Seattle Golden Age card).

Mostly I just went in to admire the birds there, like this Tufted Puffin:

And this Black-bellied Plover (with a Killdeer on the right).

Naturally I also went to the Market, which was crowded so I didn't linger.

This woman was taking a break from her act as a statue...she stands perfectly still until someone gets too curious, and then she suddenly moves and startles them.

I ate lunch on the plaza next to the aquarium, where I had a view of the skyline.

Maybe I'll visit Seattle again next year!


  1. I think I would go more often if I lived there especially to the market because I love that place. I'm sure there's days/times when it's not so busy. And it's cool that you get into the aquarium for free. I would to that more than once a year too.

    1. Downtown is dirty, noisy, crowded, and riddled with unsavory characters. Middle of winter isn't too bad at the Market, but otherwise I avoid the area.