Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's Not Just Birds at the Montlake Fill

Yesterday morning Truman and I met up with my friend Mary for a stroll around the Montlake Fill.

 It's a slow time of year for the birds, but there were other things to look at.  Tru and I spotted this bunny on our way to meet Mary.

We met up at the Conibear Shellhouse dock.

We admired a frog among the lily pads there.

The main bird attraction was the Osprey nest, of course.

Other than some sandpipers who were too hidden by brush to get photos of, that was the bird highlight of the walk.  We had some other lovely flying things, though -- here is an Eight-spotted Skimmer dragonfly:

And a dragonfly new to me -- after carefully studying my dragonfly guidebook (because everyone owns one of those, right?), I am fairly certain this is a female Blue Dasher.

It was a very pleasant walk in good company with fine things to see.

Later that day I went sketching with Nicole at the Lyons Creek Watershed Preserve in Lake Forest Park.  This is a very small spot which is not very populated.

The creek empties into Lake Washington, and there is a dock from which you can sketch the shoreline.  It's a good 75 feet or more long and the water is shallow all the way to the dock, maybe 1 to 1-1/2 feet, so after drawing this, I took Truman for a wade/swim from the shore to the dock and back.  A great way to cool off.

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