Tuesday, August 1, 2017

More Sketching, and a Broken Camera

On Saturday Nicole and I went sketching on the UW campus.  At our first stop I did just a partial sketch of the library building.

Our next stop was the fountain, which I mostly ignored in favor of sketching the buildings behind it.

Truman, of course, wanted to know when we were going home.

The third stop was still near the fountain but by a newer building, where I found this attractive tree:

Truman was happy to return home:

I made him go out again on Monday, when Nicole and I ventured off to Golden Gardens park.

When I got home, I discovered that my camera, which has been periodically misbehaving for many months, no longer wanted to work at all.  Dang.  I took the above three photos with my phone -- but I just have a "regular" phone, not a smartphone, and it's on a pay-as-you-go plan, and each photo took one minute off my plan.

I am now contemplating what to do about this, because without photos, there's no reason to post to this blog.  And without a good camera, I can't take good bird pics.  Argh!  What if I see something really cool and unusual???  Most vexing!


  1. We must have photos. There has to be a digital repair shop somewhere? It's not even that old is it? Geez. Hope you figure it out soon.

    1. I dropped it one too many times, damaging the lens. Because it is not a DSLR camera but has body/lens as one piece, the cost of repair is nearly as much as buying a new one because they have to take the whole thing apart. New one runs $300-400. That's not happening any time soon.