Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sunday Sketching

On Sunday the Northend Urban Sketchers ventured southwards and westwards all the way to the hinterlands of West Seattle to the Chinese Garden that graces the north end (see -- we still got "northend" in there!) of the South Seattle College grounds.

This is a truly lovely little gem that we first visited last summer.  It's small but full of delights, like this giant koi statue:

And these terracotta warriors:

It was a warm day as well, with very light clouds.  It felt, at last, like Spring.

I found a pond to sketch:

Truman tried to wander off at one point--in search of Nicole who had moved off down the path to draw elsewhere--but I quickly corralled him.

Then we sat inside those pagoda buildings, where, through a doorway, you can see the koi statue in the distance.

At one point, Tru discovered another pond which he could not resist.

Next we headed for a drive along Alki, and we stopped at a quiet stretch of beach with a view of the Olympics.

There were hundreds of Brant geese there -- these are winter visitors who ought to be heading north again any day now.

Truman is always concerned about where Tina and Nicole have gone -- they stayed on a bench by the car to sketch, while I tootled down a winding path to get a closer view of the beach.  As I sat there sketching, Truman kept looking back up to check on his friends.

We didn't stay here very long and I drew quickly.

It was so nice to have a rain-free weekend with warmer temperatures.  Hoorah for Spring!

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  1. That looks like a very cool place to hang out. The sketches are lovely and that's a great photo of you & Truman with the warrior.