Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Travels with Truman

Yesterday Truman and I tootled down to the University district, where first we stopped in at the bookstore, where Tru was disconcerted by the Husky mascot:

Next, he helped me look through the sale tables, which had a selection of bargain and used  books marked down 50%.

I exercised restraint and bought just two items -- the first is a very cool box with accompanying materials called The Seashell Collector, with a box to display your shells in (which of course I had enough to fill each space), a fold-out book describing various types of shells, a lovely blank notebook, and a lot of postcards.  On sale, it cost me $3.50.

For another $3.50, I picked up this book wherein various authors talk about reading and writing in a Q &A fashion that makes for easy reading and therefore, a perfect bathroom book.

Next, Truman and I headed downstairs to the supply department where I admired a variety of art pens but was very good and didn't buy a single thing.

Our final stop was the wee frame shop and art gallery across the street, Four Corners, which carries my original watercolors as well as some prints.  There I picked up a nice check for the three pieces that had sold over the holidays.  The owner wants me to bring in more pieces soon.

Back at the car, I decided to sketch the view from the parking lot, which happened to be a frat house across the street, with a lovely big tree in the parking lot that partly blocked the view.

Truman was unimpressed by my efforts.

I believe that is his trademark "just take me home" expression.  Which I did!

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  1. You do know how to find a good bargain! I love that seashell set.