Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Out and About Again

It's almost warm enough at times to sketch outside, though not for very long. Yesterday I put this to the test, but first, I popped down to the Montlake Fill to see what was there.  Not a lot, as it turned out.

Truman and I wandered down to the lake front, and checked out a pond, but the birds were all far away, so no bird photos were taken,  Truman filled in by being his usual photogenic self.

I also checked out Yesler Swamp (the boardwalk was slightly slippery from frost, so having the stroller to hold onto really helped).

I think I saw three ducks on Yesler Cove.  Oh, well, so it goes!

After a food break at home, I decided to check out a P-Patch community garden in Shoreline to see if I could sketch it from the parking lot, inside the comfort of the car.  Unfortunately, the sun was in my eyes from that vantage point.  So I got out the camp stool and tried sketching outside -- brrr!  It was maybe 45 or so, not horribly cold, but I only lasted about twenty minutes.  Just enough time for a few very simple sketches:

Then I decided to drive down to Carkeek Park (Truman was not amused) to see if I could get a good view of the Olympics.

A little cloudy, but still some nice views!

Today I'm going to try sketching from inside the comfort of the car again.  Outside sketching will need to wait until it hits at least 50!

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