Monday, January 9, 2017

Sketching Update

After being stuck inside all week, I needed to get out and about.  I suggested to Tina that we go to the UW main library (Suzzallo) on Saturday to draw its amazing Neo-Gothic architecture.  We arrived at 11:30 to find it CLOSED!  It doesn't open until 1pm on Saturdays.  Honestly.  The nerve.

Next, we tried to go to the Burke Museum for its anthropology and natural history collections, but were unable to find a parking spot.  Foiled again!

We finally wound up at the University Bookstore, where we relaxed in their cafe, and managed to get a bit of drawing in:

By the time 1pm rolled around, we decided not to return to the library, as Tina needed to be somewhere, so we will try to get there this coming weekend at the proper time.

On Sunday it rained a lot.  Stuck inside again!  I felt uninspired by the view out the front of the house.  And I can't really draw the view from the back of the house, as the windows there have stuff in front of them so I wouldn't be able to sit down, and I am not fond of drawing while standing.
So I took a look at the bird calendar picture for February, which was a lovely Blue Jay, and decided to do that in ink and watercolor.

Here is my current set-up on a small table in the living room, because my big art table in the bedroom is currently cluttered with needlepoint projects and yarn.

And here is the finished piece:

That's it for the drawing report.  There is no bird report, as I haven't been out in ages (too cold!  too gray!  too wet!).

As for the dachshund report, here is Truman play peek-a-boo with the blanket on his favorite armchair:

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  1. Yeah, the weather sucks! I didn't go anywhere this weekend. Yesterday it simply snowed all day and then the sleet started up. Thank goodness for people (mainly Scott) who shoveled my walkway and driveway. It was all I could to do go 2 blocks to the main road this morning. Sheesh. Hope you get to go see birds soon.