Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wandering in Woodinville

On Saturday Tina and I went forth to the wilds of Woodinville to see the Bassetti Crooked Arbor Gardens which is only open April - September on Fridays and Saturdays (and this month, only Saturdays -- the last two days are the 17th and 24th).

It was out in the toolie-bushes several miles from the town and with such a tiny sign marking the narrow private gravel drive that even GPS took us right past it, insisting that we were there when we were a quarter-mile farther along.  But eventually we got turned around, and after driving down the wrong private gravel road, we found the right one and were glad that we persisted.

It's a family's private garden with some buildings from the 1920s, including a barn that houses works for sale by local artists -- mostly ceramics, glass, and similar stuff.

Except for the woman manning the art gallery, we had the place to ourselves.  Here is the crooked arbor:

There are three acres of varying displays.

There were way too many great views and subject matter -- we were spoiled for choice.  For my first drawing, I chose the most complex view I could find, on the theory that it's better to get the hard stuff out of the way first, and then I would follow up with smaller, simpler views.

For my second drawing, I decided to do a simple version of this view:

And for the final drawing of the afternoon, I tackled this Japanese garden display:

I tried something new -- a water-soluble dark blue pen that worked really well for the shadows.

There was a whole lot more stuff I wanted to draw, but we were tiring out by that point.  I doubt we'll get back before the 24th, so we'll have to wait until the gardens re-open next spring to do more.

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