Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Out and About in Two Parks

Magnuson Park is one of our favorite spots for a stroll (and sometimes even for birds, though mostly I go to the Fill for that).  We can get a good three-mile walk in just by going from one end to the other (whereas at the Fill, we'd have to go three times around the Loop Trail).

Truman got to go to Magnuson on both Sunday and Monday.  Here he is on Sunday at the end of the walk, wanting to know if he can drive home.

On Monday we returnred -- it was a blustery day, and Truman decided not to go into the water due to the waves.

Despite the wind, we spotted this group of plein air painters at work.

I wanted to do a quick drawing, and chose the more sheltered area of the P-Patch garden, where this autumn-colored sunflower caught my attention:

I decided to do something simpler, though, as I didn't want to torment Truman with a long stay. You can see that he was already looking at me as if to say, "Why are we stopping here?"

I stopped there to do a quick study of the nasturium.

On Tuesday we did go to the Fill, mainly for birding, but other than one lone juvenile Osprey still hanging around the nest platform, we didn't see many birds.  So we strolled over to the urban horticulture center, where I did another quick sketch.

No post tomorrow -- I'll be out at Bloedel garden on Bainbridge Island.

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