Thursday, September 1, 2016

Truman's World

Yesterday Truman and I headed off for a morning full of fun -- though I suspect he had less fun than I did.  You see, Truman prefers to stay home.  But he also wants to be wherever I am, which can produce conflict in his tiny doggie brain whenever I go out.

When I start gathering my stuff to go out, he looks sad.  When I bring out his leash, his sadness turns to joy and he happily follows me to the car.  But then he quickly realizes that we are going away from his home.  Apparently all he can think about from that point on is, When will we get back??????

 Here he is at our first stop, Magnuson Park wetlands, looking slightly annoyed.

He was also bored, because I spent too much time admiring the Pied-billed Grebes there.

After the park, we went to the University Bookstore, where he seemed concerned.  Why didn't we go home after the park?  Why are we somewhere else????

Then I annoyed him even more by going to a third place -- the Woodland Park rose garden.

We had to take shelter briefly during a light sprinkling of rain.  We found a handy gazebo.

After the rain stopped, though, Truman found a stinky spot on the grass and managed to have a bit of fun for once.

Back in the car, he reverted to his usual irritated state, looking grumpy and tired.  He sure wasn't going anywhere else!

So I took him home, and this is what he looked like right after I pulled into the driveway.

Are we really home?  Really truly honestly -- you're not fooling me, are you?????????

Yes, we were really home, and he was really happy.

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  1. Yes it's Truman's world for sure. We're just living in it. He definitely looked very glad to be home. Silly puppy.