Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mostly Cloudy

Weather in Seattle of late:

Jan 11 Mon  Mostly Cloudy, showers
Jan 12 Tue  Mostly Cloudy, showers
Jan 13 Wed RAIN
Jan 14 Thu Mostly Sunny!
Jan 15 Fri  RAIN
Jan 16 Sat   RAIN
Jan 17 Sun   RAIN
Jan 18 Mon  Mostly Cloudy
Jan 19 Tues  Mostly Cloudy, showers/rain

Forecast for the next five days:
Today:  Mostly Cloudy, showers
Thu:  RAIN
Fri:  Light rain
Sat:  Mostly Cloudy, showers
Sun:  Mostly Cloudy, showers

Perhaps one can sense a theme here.  It's Winter in the Pacific Northwest!  Here's what you do:  look out a window to the southwest (whence the majority of our weather comes) every fifteen minutes or so.  If you see any hint of a break in the clouds or lightening of the rain, grab the dog and hop in the car and get to the nearest park and walk around it as quickly as possible while still trying to admire the views (and the birds) before the showers return.

Truman and I managed to visit Meadowbrook Pond Park last week during a short break between raindrops.

We were greeted by an eagle, who had attracted the notice of the local crows:

A Double-crested Cormorant held its wings out to dry:

This spot normally has a lot less water (did I mention all the RAIN of late?) and the ducks usually have a totally dry area to hang out on in the middle of the pond...not so much this day:

Truman didn't feel like walking during the first half of our visit....he only got out of the stroller and got excited about walking once we headed back towards the car.

On our way out, I paused to admire the cormorant again:

I love the patterns their plumage creates, like a stained-glass window bird:

Today I plan to spend a good deal of time checking out the window to the southwest.  At least it is in the mid- to upper 40s and there's no snow!

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  1. I love the cormorant with his wings all spread out, but the detailed bottom photo is really cool. Maybe you should learn how to do stained glass. Birds would be an awesome subject matter. Now that you have all this time and all.