Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Impromptu Zoo Visit, part 1 of 2

The forecast for Sunday was "rain in the afternoon", so when Tina and I planned to get together for a sketch outing in the afternoon, we thought going to a cafe and bookstore would be ideal.  As I arrived at her place at 1pm, that was still the plan (though the rain had not materialized).

She asked if we could make a detour for an errand along the way -- an errand that took us right by the Woodland Park Zoo.  I looked at the sky to the southwest, where the weather comes from.  It was blue.  I said, "Why don't we sketch at the zoo instead?"

This turned out to be a happy impromptu decision.  The rain never came, it was not too cold, and the zoo was not terribly crowded.  After sketching the flamingos, we managed to hit the raptor exhibit just in time for the flight demonstration.  Tina attempted quick sketches of the birds while I snapped tons of photos -- a few of which turned out, though mostly the ones where the birds weren't moving.  Then we had fun at the komodo dragon exhibit, and the reptile house.

It's good to be flexible about sketch outing plans when the weather changes for the better.

Aplomado Falcon:

Harris's Hawk:

Peregrine Falcon:

Coming Wednesday: part 2, with Red-tailed Hawk, reptiles, and sketches.

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