Friday, January 29, 2016

A Stroll Around Green Lake

For the past two weeks or so, a flock of Common Redpolls was reported feeding in a stand of birch trees at Green Lake Park.  Common Redpolls are not common in these parts at all.  But I didn't go to look for them because:

1.  I'd already seen them a couple of years ago
2.  The weather was icky
3.  When the weather was nice, I just spaced on it and
4.  I've never liked Green Lake, as it is always too crowded due to a very popular walking/cycling path

Well, on Wednesday it was still icky (cloudy, very gray, threats of rain) but I was out driving around with Truman and thought I detected a slightly promising hint of light in the distance and decided on an unplanned "just go for it" visit.  I had an idea that my previous experience of Green Lake as a crowded place was because I had always gone on sunny summer days -- maybe gray winter days would be better.

It was, in fact, not terribly crowded though there were definitely people out and about on the 2.8-mile path that circles the lake -- walking, jogging, cycling, and pushing strollers.  I made Truman get out and walk....

Which he did...until he saw people with dogs or children heading towards him, at which point he balked and refused to move until I put him safely in the stroller.  I think he walked about .8 of the 2.8 miles.

The waterfowl proved to be quite nice -- loads of Mallards and Gadwalls and American Wigeons -- plus this lovely Common Goldeneye pair:

And this Northern Shoveler:

We got to watch a Double-crested Cormorant catch its lunch:

I found the redpolls right away -- or rather, I found the other birder taking photos of them right away.  Sadly, they were WAY up high in the birch trees, it was quite cloudy and gray and DARK, so I got truly awful photos.  But since I wasn't able to get photos of the ones I saw a few years ago, any photo was nice to get.

All the little dark blobs here are Common Redpolls.  And as I've already zoomed in a bit in this  photo, you can see they were too far away, and in truly horrid light,  for good pics:

I zoomed in closer and just snapped away...they were moving around a lot...I figured I would just pop the pictures into Photoshop later and lighten them up to see if anything actually looked like a redpoll.

This is the one fuzzy shot I managed to get where you can see the red on top of the head:

Unlike this shot...oh, well.  So it goes!

Truman was unimpressed by the birds.

While I enjoyed them a lot -- even the extremely common coots and Mallards -- I love seeing their feet under water:

Or out of the water:

The lake was incredibly smooth, which made for good reflection shots (another Northern Shoveler here):

We also saw photogenic Pied-billed Grebes:

The only downside to our visit was when I got confused about where I was -- I had parked by 65th, so when, after walking what I thought was plenty far enough, I spotted a street sign for 65th, I headed up to the roadway only to be met by Aurora Avenue, which I was darn sure I had not crossed to reach the park.  It was rather irksome.  Eventually I realized I was on the west side of 65th and my car was on the east side of 65th (the lake gets in the middle).  I still had a ways to go.  Sigh.

I was tired.  Clearly I need to walk more if a 2.8-mile walk makes me feel very tired at the 2.3 mark.  So now I have a new goal for 2016 -- I want a 3-mile walk to feel like a breeze, and a 5-mile walk to be at least semi-comfortable.

Meanwhile, Truman got strolled again -- that may have contributed to my tiredness.  He is heavy and should go on a diet!

He did not like this spot -- the ducks and coots were heading right for him.  He is easily intimidated!

Naturally, by the time we completely circled the lake and returned to where we started, which was right by the birch trees, it was lighter out and better photos might be taken -- except the redpolls had moved on.

And lastly, a Happy Friday to those of you still working!   Since I won't be posting again until February, here is my retirement report:


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  1. I got lost once and ended up driving around most of Green Lake. It was in summer though and super crowded. Tons of joggers and bicyclists etc. Your photos are terrific and you got LOTS! And by the way, you are in great shape and should be thrilled that you can walk that far. I would be happy if I could walk around my own block without foot or back pain. Time to get out the strollers and walk the babies with Kayla!