Monday, April 6, 2015

Saturday adventures

Saturday (sunny! warm!) was full (very full) of fun outings -- with Truman to the Montlake Fill (the Common Yellowthroats are back), with Truman and Tina and her dog Ocean to the Kubota Japanese gardens, and without Truman to the Burke Museum Cafe for tea with my friend Christine who has been out of touch for some time.

No photos from the Fill (there were certainly lovely birds there, but if one already has 50 excellent photos of a Marsh Wren, does one truly need one more?) but here is what I drew while waiting outside the museum cafe:

I took a gazillion photos at the Japanese gardens -- where Truman had never been before and where he had a great time, although he hesitated to cross the little stone bridges over the ponds:

Once I went over ahead of him, he got the idea just fine, and even seemed to enjoy the experience.

There were so many beautiful scenes that I wanted to sketch, but we did not have time to stop that long.  So I'm now going through the photos pondering which ones I want to try painting from.  Here are the front runners:

But there was so much more...I mean, what about this view?

Or this one?

Or maybe these cool boulders:

Truman thinks I should paint this view:

Or maybe I should paint the Seattle skyline I had plenty of time to take photos of during the traffic jam on the freeway on the way home....

You can see Safeco Field!  Which reminds me:  HAPPY OPENING DAY OF THE 2015 BASEBALL SEASON!  GO MARINERS!!!!


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    1. I say #2, #3, Truman's pick, *and* the skyline that includes Safeco. So, yes, maybe all of them, really. A Mountaineers' author was commissioned to do a program cover for the Yankees (; why shouldn't the Mariners feature *your* art one of these days? (Deleted and reposted so I could correct some typos.)

  2. I like Mary's suggestions especially the skyline with Safeco. The day is dragging because I'm not listening to or watching the game until I get home. Blah! This is the first year in a long time that I have actual hope for my team to make the play-offs!! TRUE TO THE BLUE.

  3. My, you have been busy! I've never been to Kubota gardens, must remedy that. I vote for the stone bridge with the arches. The skyline already looks like a watercolor on my tablet.

    I did one very simple sketch in NOLO, and used watercolor pencil to add color. Not as much fun to work with as paint, but easy to carry, especially thru security, because they fit nicely in my new purse.

    1. I've been meaning to let you know that the April Urban Sketchers outing is in West Seattle (at a Chinese garden) and I'm not willing to drive there. It's also the Sunday after the Lamb Bash. Maybe we could have our own sketch outing the weekend before or after the bash instead?