Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Report: Nothing Doin'

Cloudy.  Rainy.  Windy.  It was a lousy weekend for outdoor activities, including the Great Backyard Bird Count (which continues through today...and today we have a forecast of Cloudy, Rainy, Windy).

I did try to count birds.  So far I have counted 277 birds of 27 different species.  Mostly crows.  Well, and a lot of robins.  Plus a fair amount of chickadees, juncos, and bushtits.  I counted the pair of Bewick's Wrens that are resident in my yard, and the Anna's Hummingbirds (though I have no idea how many of those are separate individuals versus the same bird making repeat visits).

Otherwise I made brief forays hither and yon to get some walking in (strolling Truman to the library, to the post office, etc.).  I also worked on art projects at home, since it was too cold or wet or windy to go sketching outside.  Rats.

As there is more of the same in the forecast for the ENTIRE COMING WEEK, do not expect updates here.  I'll just be hanging around the house!

Here is the one pen drawing I did over the weekend, from a photo I took a couple of weeks ago of the Episcopal Church Office of the Bishop on Capitol Hill.


  1. It's nice and sunny here and over 50 degrees. It's supposed to be lovely for at least a week. Come visit!