Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Mini Sketchbook Report

As I'm sure you recall, I've been carrying a little 2-1/2" by 3" sketchbook around in my purse everywhere I go for many months, which I most often use when I'm waiting for something or otherwise less than fully engaged in the activity around me.

Here is a round-up from the past couple of months of these wee drawings:

Waiting for the vet

At a party...I'm not terribly social...

Edmonds' town center, waiting for a store to open

The follow-up vet visit--a poster on the wall

Waiting for the bus home

Waiting for the optometrist

My optometrist was quite impressed

A rare attempt to draw while actually on the bus

Back at the optometrist, waiting to get my new glasses adjusted

It's fun to have a visual diary!


  1. I can certainly see why your optometrist was impressed - very nice! I also liked the two versions of the table at the party. I was a little surprised to see so many drawings of people since you claim you don't like drawing them. Ah, well. Hope reorganization at work won't get you down!

    1. My sketching pal Tina has been making me go places where there are lots of people -- she likes practicing drawing them. After much practice, I've found that I'm naturally getting better at them, so am not quite so intimidated.

      Re-org at work is a total downer -- no more telecommute day, more rigid hours, more work, and no more private office! Couldn't really get much worse. Am counting down days to early retirement and/or looking for new job. Gah. I'm too old for this!

    2. Ick! The work situation sounds awful. Are they giving you any more money for having to put up with this crap? I swear sometimes that employers try to get rid of older workers by annoying them. It's just wrong.

    3. Of course they're not giving me any more money, though they increased my work load nearly double. They don't have any money, which is why the two staff who left this year weren't replaced (and I got lots of their work). At least I have $$$$$ in my emergency fund!

  2. Very impressed as usual with your sketches Alex. It still astounds me that you can work so small.
    Work does sound a drag, how can they justify doubling your workload, whether they pay extra or not it's something they shouldn't do.. Now for an impolite question. How old are you and what age is early retirement for you?

    1. I'm 61. Normally I would retire at 65 (which is when I am eligible for Medicare health coverage, which makes a big financial difference). Early retirement would be age 62, which is the earliest I can claim Social Security benefits (though at a reduced rate). Basically, the longer I wait, the more monthly income I'd get, so it's a hard choice. I'm fortunate, though, in that my needs are few and my hobbies are extremely inexpensive or free, so I don't need a large monthly income.

      If I can deal with the horribleness at work for just one more year, I'd be able to retire early and be fine financially. It's not even a whole year -- I have enough vacation time to take care of at least one month, maybe more. I am counting down the days!