Thursday, October 8, 2015

Northend Urban Sketch Dogs

Both days last weekend, Tina and I went sketching with our dogs in tow, which is always my preference.  Truman is quite used to the routine by now, where we walk a ways first, then I plonk myself down on the camp stool to draw while he sits in his stroller and acts bored.

Tina's dog Ocean, however,  has little experience with this sort of activity, and is not too sure what to make of this lying around business.  At 17, she still has energy, and wants to walk a lot more than Truman does, and gets bored easily at all that sitting and sketching.  She's an amazing dog.

On Sunday we went to Magnuson Park, taking the dogs on a nice long walk first, and a dip in the lake.

Then we explored the P-Patch garden, and found a shady spot to sketch.

I had planned to do this view in ink with just spot color, and then totally lost control and wound up splashing color around all over the place.  Oh, well.

Next we moved on to the Children's Garden.

There we found this cool bench.

I wanted to add color or at least some shading, but ran out of time.

That wraps up the weekend sketching and dog walking adventures, but I leave you with one more sketch done yesterday at work on my lunch hour.  This is a small bit of landscaping outside the building I work in.

That's it for the sketch report this week!

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  1. I really like that bench. They should have those at the zoo!