Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heron Day

The sun came out today after a long time of gray rainy skies, so Truman and I headed out to the Montlake Fill  (AKA Union Bay Natural Area) for a little walking, a little birdwatching, and a little sketching.  Great Blue Herons kept turning up, posing nice and close.  We saw them at the slough, and again at the swamp, and even later on a different outing to Golden Gardens Park, we had another one, and I got fabulous photos of them.

The heron in the last photo stood around for such a long time that I took out my sketch pad and did a few pencil sketches while the bird turned and twisted its head around.  Quite a cooperative bird.

I also did a pen and watercolor sketch of the slough:

Such a lovely day.


  1. It was nice of the bird to cooperate with you. These are great birds but after seeing the photo of that swallow . . . kind of boring!!

  2. That first picture is another one of your auto-watercolor photos - very painterly and lovely colors and composition.

    1. The water was amazingly clear at Golden Gardens -- there was a Horned Grebe swimming nearby, and when it dove, you could see it swimming underwater. Amazing.