Monday, February 16, 2015

Art. Birds. Nature. Maybe a Dachshund photo now and then.

That's the description of my blog, and because I have no sketches to share from the weekend (I sketched both days -- I'm just not willing to share the results -- "bleh" would be a good word for them), today I give you Birds, Nature, and a Dachshund photo.

Birds:  This is a hummingbird that's been coming to my feeder, and which I've been stalking for some time.

And this is a Marsh Wren that posed ever so nicely for me yesterday at the Montlake Fill.

Nature:  here is Mt. Rainier as seen from Magnuson Park.

And here is a lovely view of the southeast pond at the Montlake Fill.

Dachshund:  here is Truman at Golden Gardens Park, with Bonus Dachshund Winston.

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  1. All lovely photos - the hummingbird is amazing. Great job!