Monday, May 22, 2017

Well, This Is Different

Things may be interesting here at Dog End over the next few weeks -- I have acquired a foster dog!

I'd been thinking of giving fostering a try ever since retiring (wow, nearly a year and a half ago now!).  But there weren't any rescue organizations specializing in dachshunds until recently, when Hearts4Doxies was formed.

After an application and a home check, they asked if I wanted to foster a one-year-old dapple girl named Chloe.  !  Truman already knows a Chloe quite well, so I decided that might work okay.  She arrived on Saturday afternoon and is settling in.

She is a sweet, friendly girl.  After a bit of initial growling and snapping, Truman is mostly tolerating her, though not making friends with her yet.  We shall see.

She's quite a barker, and Truman's habit of barking at everything out the front window is not helping with that habit.  It was a noisy weekend, as the weather was very warm and sunny throughout, and the neighbors were out in their yard, making for lots more barking.  Yay.

Once she is settled in and calmed down after her long trip (she came from Oregon), the rescue group will schedule her for spaying.  They estimate that will be in about two weeks.  I'll also be working to introduce her to walks and park visits and try to address any issues she may have.

Once she's recovered from surgery and is deemed adoptable, the rescue group will put her up for adoption, and I suspect there will be a lot of interest as she is young, cute, and well-mannered.

Hope all goes well!


  1. I think the foster mom might be interested in adopting - yes? She's adorable.

    1. Oh, no, she is definitely not going to do that! While Chloe is sweet and friendly, she is also young and full of energy and quite a barker, and would be much better off with a family or someone who can give her undivided time and attention. Truman has been mostly respectful but clearly jealous--they had a spat this morning over one of his toys. He won't play with her and steers clear, and doesn't like me to spend too much time with her. She definitely wants a LOT of attention and would probably do better as an only dog or in a family that had a younger more playful dog.

  2. Well I thought it was a good idea - darn! I don't blame you though. You will find the right dog at the right time.