Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Roundup

A miscellany of photos from this past weekend, when I got outside a bit but mostly stayed home where it was a lot warmer.

On Saturday morning, Truman expressed unhappiness at the fact it was too cold to go out.  Then he posed for me while I sketched from the comfy vantage point of the sofa.


A bit later we ventured forth to meet Nicole and Tina for more sketching at the Washelli Cemetery, from inside the comfy vantage point of Tina's car.

We found this cool building with these cool trees in front, which I tried to capture but not too successfully.

So for the next sketch, I tried to focus on one of the cool trees instead:

Later that afternoon it warmed up just enough to go on a walk at Magnuson Park with Michelle and Winston, though it was still a bit nippy.

Even though he objected to the cold earlier that morning, Truman ran right into the lake water which must have been chilly indeed.  He just can't resist water -- when we're walking anywhere and he sees a puddle, he'll veer right over to it and splash through it like a little kid.  He needs boots!

Here he is after the walk, ready to head home:

And here is Sunday morning, when it was too cold to go outside -- so I sketched my breakfast:

Here is Truman expressing his displeasure at the weather:

And here is my mid-morning snack:

I spent the rest of Sunday lounging around the house with a bit of reading here and there and a lot of baseball (Spring Training is back -- hoorah!!!).  And then in the evening I watched twenty minutes of the Oscars and then stopped because I so didn't care.

Not doing anything today, either -- it's snowing!


  1. I hate to say it but I'm glad you got the snow instead of us. It was forecast but never showed up. We've had enough. I didn't watch the Oscars at all! Hope you and Truman have better weather soon.

    1. It's already melting. Yay. I don't mind, since I don't have to go anywhere in it!