Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dogs, Birds, and Sunshine

The rain has returned today, but for the past few days we lucked out with mid-50s and mostly sunshine, which made for some nice times outside.  I even thought about pulling weeds in the garden.  Though I didn't actually pull any.  But I could have, it was that nice out, and it's the thought that counts, right?

Here is Truman enjoying a stroll at Magnuson Park with his friends Winston and Chloe, from Saturday:

He waded right into the lake -- here is he giving himself a good shake:

There were birds!  Here is a male Common Goldeneye:

And here is the female:

 Truman gallantly gave his stroller to Chloe on the walk when she got tired:

Now we switch to Monday afternoon, when it was 55 and cloud-free and the sun filled my backyard:

Truman expressed a keen interest in my cookie stash, but he was denied due to chocolate content.  Later I made it up to him by giving him part of my turkey sandwich.

And here is how a dachshund expressed his happiness:

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