Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Bad Weather Slow Down

My friend Connie claims there is "no bad weather, only bad clothing."  Well, yes, up to a point...and my point seems to be around 50 degrees with no rain.

Since 90% of the things I like to do and post about here involve being outdoors (birding, sketching, gardening, dog walking), and since we are now entering the colder, wetter days of Autumn and on into Winter, I will not be posting as often.  Maybe only once a week or so.  Just so you know.

I am willing to go out to look at birds in colder weather once in a while, but not willing to draw outside, and the garden has been put to bed for this year.  There may be a bit of indoor sketching here and there, now and then.

In the meantime, as I haven't done any birding or gardening or sketching for the past few days, here are some photos of Truman at Magnuson Park from yesterday.  Enjoy!

Dogs are not allowed at Seattle beaches.  For shame!

We also had a bird on our walk -- a lovely Cooper's Hawk.


  1. Pretty bird. Look at those feet!

    1. I'm always impressed by raptor talons.

  2. I just had your photo of a sharp shinned hawk up as my screensaver. Gorgeous bird! The Cooper's Hawk is lovely too.