Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From BuzzFeed: Book Lover Dilemmas

Go check out this humorous post from BuzzFeed:
19 Dilemmas Every Book Lover Has Faced at Least Once

I was able to answer "YES!" to every single one, especially these:

Should I buy this new book, even though I've got literally hundreds at home that I've never read?
Currently there are 129 unread books in my house.  I bought two new ones within the past week.

Should I bring a variety of books on vacation, even though it will add about 30 pounds to my luggage?
Last May I went to Richland (WA) for four days.  I packed four books.  Two of them because I was already halfway through them, and was pretty sure I'd finish while I was there, and the other two to replace those first two.  I also bought a book while I was there, just in case.

 Should I buy a cool old edition of this book, even though I already have a copy at home?
Well...I don't do this too terribly often, though I do have 3 editions of Verne's Mysterious Island, which is an all-time favorite, because of varying translations and/or different illustrations.  And I also own my ten favorite Swallows and Amazons series books (Arthur Ransome) in both U.S. edition paperbacks and U.K. edition hardbacks.  Because, you know, the British hardbacks are cooler.

Should I stay at home and read, even though I was invited to this party?
Duh.  And sometimes I have a strong desire to bring a book to the party.  I hear this is frowned upon, but my friends are often busy looking at their smartphones or tablets at parties, so how is that different?

They left one out though (see my earlier post):  Should I label my book collection using the Dewey Decimal or the Library of Congress system? 

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  1. #12 - What did the goat say when he ate the reel of film? The book was better. LOL. I think the only one I didn't answer in the affirmative was the one you added about labeling. Randomness rules.