Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blue Holes!

According to Harvey Manning (noted local hiking guide author), the Puget Sound skies may be described as "a gray blanket occasionally punctured by blue holes."

Yesterday we got blue holes!  It was supposed to be totally gray and rainy, and when the forecast calls for a totally gray blanket and instead I see blue holes poking through it at 8:00am, I know better than to stay inside.  When you see blue holes, you cannot dilly dally or lollygag, thinking maybe it will still be nice at 9 or 10 am -- oh, no -- you must GET OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW.

So I tossed Truman in the car and down we went to the Montlake Fill.

I checked on the hummingbird nest that Connie pointed out to me last Saturday, and was delighted to find a slightly different angle where I could snap a photo without a twig in the way:

We ran across Connie, who was just finishing up her birding for the day, and sat and chatted for a while.  She told me there was a Green Heron in the little cove by the Conibear Shellhouse, so I went over there. Truman was not thrilled that I took a different route than usual.

I did not see the Green Heron, but there were at least six Great Blue Herons there, including this pair:

And this one:

Truman kept trying to point out to me that we were going the wrong way:

But before I turned around and went the right way, I had to snap a pic of this lovely Bufflehead:

Finally I turned to head back towards the correct path, and Truman was appeased.

Today, sadly, the skies are a solid gray blanket again.  If any blue holes puncture it any time soon, you know where I'll be.

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