Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Comes Early for Truman

Yesterday I came home from work to find the pet sitter had left a Christmas card and a gift, which I had a feeling was intended for Truman based on its general shape and smooshy nature.

He had a great time opening his present:

There were TWO gifts inside -- a squeaky stuffed toy and a mini tennis ball.

After examining his gifts, Tru ignored them for a while in order to rip up the wrapping paper.

So I grabbed the squeaky toy and squeaked it, and that got him interested in it again.  In the space of one evening, he managed to eviscerate it and perform a squeak-ectomy.  It is now but an empty shell.  Oh, well.  Easy come, easy go!


  1. So cute! Just like my cats too - they would much rather play with a bag or a box than anything that came in same. Too funny.

  2. Aren't they funny, or not, the way they like to rip things apart, lamb chops for example. Paper is always a favourite though isn't it and cheap to replace. It's all good fun and funny to watch.