Friday, August 8, 2014

Borrowed from Buzzfeed

Click here: 13-things-book-lovers-are-tired-of-hearing  for a keen post on Buzzfeed.  I'd add to the list my personal least favorite saying, when people walk into my home:  "Have you read all those books?"

The answer to which is, "Except for the 100 books I bought in the past year, yes, I have read them all."

Next least favorite:  "Did you know you can borrow books for free from the library?"  (With the implication, of course, that there is no reason to actually own or keep books once you've read them.  Gah.)

The books on my shelves comprise my mental travel souvenirs.  Souvenirs are for keeping, thank you very much!

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  1. Kayla asked me this morning, "Why do you have all these books when you read them on your phone?" Hmmm. I don't read books only on the phone. Geez. Cute article.