Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fun with Pie

Because I love keeping track of my books and my reading in a database, I have easy access to all kinds of fun information, and can play around with numbers in all sorts of fun ways.  Possibly this is a silly use of my time, but what else am I going to do on a slow Tuesday morning except entertain myself with pie charts?

So I took a look at the books I currently own, and discovered they broke down into 58% fiction, 42% nonfiction.  But that didn't make for a very satisfying pie chart, so I delved deeper into each category and came up with these lovely images:

Fabulous fun!  Look at that -- a solid 50% of the fiction in my home is "juvenile" -- mostly what they call "middle-grade" nowadays, in the 9-11 age bracket or thereabouts.  These are clearly books to cherish and to re-read.  Mystery novels come in at 22%, "general" fiction (you know, Austen and Dickens and the like) are 18%, and fantasy is 10%.  

Here we have my nonfiction books -- and the influence of birding on my bookshelves is such that a good 20% of that 50% nature/birds category is for the birds.  In the "history" category I lumped biographies and autobiographies, along with most of the adventure travel books.  But it's mostly just plain history and comprises 26% of my collection.  Art is 11%, and miscellaneous, at 13%, is a hodgepodge of a few books here and there on myth/folklore, psychology, religion, hard sciences, and sports.

So there you have it -- fun with pie.  Don't you wish you had a database of your books to play with?


  1. You definitely have TOO much time on your hands. I was keeping a list of books but only ones that I'd read this year. I got bored with that and gave it up. I will probably end up re-reading something I've already read, but hey, that's OK. I've done that once or twice already. The charts are quite colorful. By the way, I always knew you were sort of "juvenile" - LOL.

    1. Har-de-har-har. Yes, I am juvenile. And yes, I have too much time on my hands, but only because I've been waiting for HOURS for info from a coworker so I can finish a report. Perhaps she is too busy making pie charts to respond....

  2. Well I don't plan on ever growing up. I see no benefit in it. I'm busy with client bills this week, so I have no time on my hands for pie charts or goofing off on blogs. So - gotta go!