Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nothing Much Going On

It's been rainy off and on for a while, so no outings of late.  I did spot a lovely Red-breasted Sapsucker on the cedar in my own back yard one afternoon, though:

Mostly I've just hung around at home, reading and taking short neighborhood walks between rain breaks, and working on a needlepoint project:

So because I've got nothing to post, I will post pictures of His Adorableness instead.

Here is Truman from just this morning (no rain!) exploring his yard:

Here he is asking to come back inside:

Next he has to hop on the chair to make sure no one is trying to walk past his house:

"I must protect you from pedestrians, cyclists, cars, dogs, cats, squirrels, and birds!"

Once his duty  has been done, he can curl up with Miss Lambikins.

The sun is shining at the moment, though, and I think we'll head out soon to see what's happening at the nearby parks.  Maybe we'll even find some birds.


  1. Such a cute doggie! I like that needlepoint pattern too. Maybe I have enough "talent" to do one of those. Hmmmmm.

    1. If you do, start with a smaller one! Takes forever and so many colors that it's hard to figure out, even with the guide, which section is which color. I started working on it Oct 12, 1-2 hours a day, and this is as far as I've got!