Friday, September 18, 2015

Truman the Working Dog: A Photo Essay

Truman got to spend Thursday at the office with me.  Here is how his day went.

On the walk from the parking spot, via the back side of the Montlake Fill

A view of the campus

One of my favorite buildings (Forestry)

The medicinal herb garden (yes, he did walk part of the's just easier to get photos when he's in his stroller.)

The rose garden

We finally arrive at my office.  He seems excited to be at work.

Truman helps collect the mail.  See, he is a working dog!

Out for a potty break...that's my building.  It is a bit on the bland side.

The hallway outside my office.

His favorite spot beneath my desk.

All in all, I think he was fine with the visit, though mostly he just puts up with such nonsense until he can get home again.  Which is where we are now!


  1. How far do you have to walk from your parking spot, it looks like miles?

    1. It's a mile and a half one way. 99% of the time I take the bus to work. Parking across from my building is $15 a day. The next closest lot is one mile away and costs $6. So when I want to bring Truman in and don't want to pay for parking, I find a free spot in the nearest residential neighborhood, which is 1-1/2 miles. So I don't do it very often!

  2. I can tell he had a great time - especially under the desk LOL. It's nice that you can take him with you now and again. I'm sure he likes it too.