Thursday, May 7, 2015

Truman Goes to Work

Yesterday the boss was away, so I took Truman in to the office, an activity he endured in his own opinionated fashion.

We always park for free in the nearest neighborhood to the campus, and then walk through the Fill -- and after we leave the Fill trail, Truman refuses to walk any farther, because I have not stuck to the normal path.  You see, he does not like to go for walks.  I have, over the years, managed to convince him that a stroll around the Fill Loop Trail is acceptable but any variation from that trail is not allowed.

So here is he on the bridge across the slough as we depart the proper path.  It was slightly nippy that morning.

I suspect he is giving me the Stink-Eye at this point.

After we arrived at work, he had many duties to perform -- stress relief to harried coworkers, defense of the realm (my office), ice-breaker for visiting students -- and coffee delivery.

The espresso machine in our office was low on coffee beans, so Tru and I visited the main office to collect a new bag.

He was not happy with this task, as it took him away from the areas with which he was familiar.

At lunch time I made him go to the gallery so I could pick up a check (in the past few days, two more original paintings and two prints were sold!).  I let him admire the display of my work:

I think that expression clearly says, "WHY????"

On our way back to the office, I paused in the lovely afternoon sunshine to try out my new 3" x 5" sketchpad, which fits ever so neatly into my purse.  There was a bench by the Architecture building, where I drew a fit quick bits and pieces:

Then I decided it was time to reward Truman by taking him to the canal behind my building, where he could indulge  his penchant for wading:

He was much happier after that stop, and relaxed for the rest of the day.  Whew!

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  1. I love those looks he gives you. Makes me laugh. I'm glad your art work is selling like hotcakes. Way to go!!