Saturday, February 7, 2015

In which I sketch people who are not sitting down!

This morning I went to Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, sketch supplies in hand.  I got there shortly after the Honey Bear Bakery opened, and got a great seat from which to watch the folks coming up to admire the pastries, order, and pick up their food.

However, after half an hour, the place got really crowded, the line was 10-15 people long, and so I went into the bookstore proper in search of new material.  I found a comfy chair, and considered sketching the bookshelves, but the sound of coughing drove me away.  It's winter cold season -- everybody in Seattle has a cough (including me!).  Not one, not two -- three people nearby were coughing away, so I hightailed it on out of there

In the lower part of Lake Forest Town Center I found a bench facing a stand of gumball machines.  Okay, so I couldn't get more people-drawing practice in, but those machines were ever so cool, and I just had to sketch them.  Two children turned up to study the gumballs, though they ran off too quickly to make it into the drawing.

At this point I glanced at the time, and was startled to discover I'd spent nearly two hours there!  Well, not all of that was spent sketching -- I read a newspaper and worked the crossword -- but I was still amazed at how fast time flew by while focused on drawing.  I'm eager to find new places where I can keep trying this out.  


  1. For someone who claims to be not so good at people you aren't half bad LOL. Like the gumballs too . . . very colorful.

  2. I really like these a lot. They are very charming. (I now sound like a spammer but I'm not, honest.) "Charming* is the word for them. -m.

    1. Thank you kindly! I'll take charming any day. Just so long as they don't become "twee", I think I'm good with that.