Monday, August 11, 2014

In Which I Attend a Book Reading

On Saturday I was invited by friends to attend a book reading at my favorite plucky local independent, Third Place Books.  The author was one I'd not read, Spencer Quinn, who pens a mystery series featuring private detective Bernie and his dog Chet.  The unusual thing about these mysteries is that they are narrated by Chet.

Yes, you read that right -- the narrator is a dog.

I was dubious, but I had heard of the series and people said good things about it, so I went with an open mind.  Mr. Quinn was quite entertaining, and told us in a very humorous fashion about the books and how he writes from the canine point of view (there are a lot of smells involved).  He read a short excerpt which was most enjoyable.  I admit that I did not wind up buying a book, but my friend Mary did, and had the author inscribe it to her cat.  Interesting choice.

While it all did sound most promising, I think I'll wait for Mary's review before checking one out myself.

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  1. The title grabbed my attention. Sounds like a fun read. I suppose you could always borrow it from Mary.