Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Books Department: Currently Reading was about ten o'clock on the morning of the 1st of August when I found myself in Trewsbury Mead...[at a] cottage where I made final inquiries for the head of the river.

"Follow along the edge of the meadow," the old lady said, "till you come to some straggly bushes, but pay no attention to them.  Follow along then," she said, "till you come to a dead tree, but pay no attention to that either.  Follow along again," she continued, "till you come to a big tree, I don't know if it isn't an ash, and on that you'll see the letters T.H.  There's a well alongside of the tree, an old Roman well, they say, and that's where the Thames rises.  You can't miss it.  T.H., that means Thames Head, and it's cut in the bark."

Sweet Thames Run Softly,  written and illustrated (with beautiful woodcuts) by Robert Gibbins, published in 1940.  A delightful commentary on rivers, nature, travel, folklore, and amusing encounters along the way as the author travels by home-made punt (which he actually rows rather than punting) down the Thames. 

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  1. You must be psychic because I was wondering only yesterday when you might get back to blogging about books!

    I also have trouble adding comments on your Live Journal site so I must say here that the entry on the geese was super cool. I only ever see them hanging around in big groups on the grass. Those photos were amazing.

    We're going to watch "Titantic" Saturday in tribute to the 100th anniversary. I bet you're the only person on the planet who hasn't seen that movie - not liking Leonardo DiCaprio and all. Wish you could watch it with us!

    See you in a month!