Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Month Early

Here is a quote from my current book, A Walk Through the Year by naturalist Edwin Way Teale, in which he writes a daily journal about life on his and his wife Nellie's 130-acre New England homestead, Trail Wood.  This entry is from April, but if I wait until April to post it, I'll have forgotten all about it, so you are getting it now.
"The last of the April showers ends soon after daybreak.  The robin sings on its high limb in the apple tree surrounded by dripping leaves.  A towhee by the wall scratches soundlessly among the soft wet litter.  In small gleaming drops, collected water shines out across the dark green umbrellas of the mandrakes and glitters on light blue petals where dog violets are in bloom.  Wherever we go across the meadow we leave a darker trail in the wet grass."

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