Saturday, March 10, 2012

My camera is back from the shop!

My semi-pro DSLR camera went on the fritz a month ago, and after several frustrating weeks of trying new batteries, and troubleshooting tips from the manual and online forums, I finally threw in the towel last week and took it in to the repair shop.  Four days and $$$ later, it was good as new!  Apparently, the damage was caused by rain sprinkles.  Sigh.  Like that never happens in the Pacific Northwest.

Anyway, I tested it in the field today on a lovely Barrow's Goldeneye which has been hanging out at the Montlake Fill for some weeks now, where we don't normally see them.  I took this photos in between rain sprinkles, with the camera swathed in a protective plastic bag.
Barrow's Goldeneye, a diving duck with a distinctive facial "teardrop" patch.  Male.

Since he's out of his normal area and not around any other Goldeneyes, he has taken to hanging out with this little female Bufflehead.  Maybe he's attracted to the white patch on her head, though on the other  hand, the female Goldeneyes don't have white facial patches.  She seems to enjoy hanging out with him, too.  They stayed close together as they swam up and down the slough.

What a lovely bird to test out the camera on!

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