Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just for fun

Because it is so cold and rainy and gray around here, I find it difficult to go out for walks at lunch time, which I like to do to break up the work day.  So to entertain myself at lunch, I've been doing practice art -- basically, copying stuff out of books.  It makes for a nice break and it's good for refreshing my freehand drawing skills.

Dover clip art collections are great for this.  These first two are taken from "Medieval Alphabets and Decorative Devices":

And this one is from "Medieval Herb, Plant & Flower Illustrations":

I drew them freehand in pencil first, then inked them in.  The alphabet ones are challenging!


  1. I like the plant. What are you drawing on? Is it heavier stock like Bristol? I like the idea of working on tinted paper but I never do it.

    Maybe this summer I'll find my sketchbook and finish my "100 Crows" project.

  2. It's not tinted. That's from the camera's idea of lighting. It's actually white paper - the Bee Paper Company's Pen Sketcher's pad (70lb) specifically made for the Sakura Pigma Micron pens that I prefer.

    You have a sketchbook? I didn't know you drew. Why don't I know that?

    1. I don't know why you don't know that. I went to art school eons ago and studied advertising/packaging design. Which I hate and at which I was not brilliant. So I've drawn, painted, sculpted &cet but have mostly given up the visual arts because I don't serve them well.

      My pen of choice has always been the Rapidograph. I haven't owned one in years, though. My sketches these days are mostly in charcoal, which is messy but forgiving.

    2. I posted some of my "100 Crows" sketches on my blog for your amusement. They aren't great but they do sort of make me wish I'd kept up with the project. So maybe in the summer. We'll see.