Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get Thee To A Bookshop

The Seattle Mystery Bookshop is one my personal favorites, and they have a nifty web site and a blog and you should go check out this entry:

because it's a fun video done by mystery author Parnell Hall with the help of fellow writers at a recent convention, in support of bookstores.  

Speaking of which, if you are in the Puget Sound area, go support another wonderful bookstore, Third Place Books ( which is having their semi-annual 40% off all used books sales this weekend (November 4 and 5).  Great selection, great prices!

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  1. Two of my favorite booksellers! I like Seattle Mystery because they have all the Dashielle Hammett in new editions and it was also the only place in town I could find Chesterton. Third Place is great but it's awfully far from us. They have a nice used Pushkin in Russian that I want. And they're just a few doors up from Wild Birds.